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SpaceX Starship 1/144 Ship24 Model smooth version - resin printed super rocket model

SpaceX Starship 1/144 Ship24 Model smooth version - resin printed super rocket model

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A highly detailed display model of the Starship prototype by SpaceX, a company founded by Elon Musk.
This Starship rocket model is based on the prototype SN24 or Ship24, which was the ship of the first full-stack-flight at boca chica.

-The model has a scale of 1:144, and full height is about 34cm.

-The model has a super glossy surface.

-Just need to assembly directly with magnetic.

-Moving wings with magnetic attachment.

-This link include Starship S24 model, a black stand, some antenna accessories and a transparent acrylic display box.

You can put it on your table as a decoration, and or as a gift for your friend. ** I think it will be a nice gift! **

***This model will fit the Superheavy booster model we saled, so you can make a complete full-stack-starship model of the rocket*** 


-The model is made by photo polymer 3D printing, this technology, unlike conventional plastic, allows you to print very thin layers, the thickness of the printing layer is several microns, which is 2-3 times thinner than the thickness of a hair. This technology is used by dentists to print aligners and other prostheses. That is why the model has a glossy surface resembling stainless steel, and it also allows for incredibly high detail.
-The paint is applied by powder spraying, dried in a special drying cabinet for 1-2 days, with air humidity control.


Mostly UV resin, a little magnet


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Care Instructions

-Keep out of the sun, and better don't to play it as a toy.

-Don't let the model get wet.

-Don't drop the model.

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